At Rotor Print we produce materials that are in direct contact with the product, so quality and safety are a priority in all products and services offered.

In order to offer our customers safe and high-quality solutions, we have an inspection system for all products in each of the processes. Furthermore, together with a traceability system, it provides us with very valuable information in the event of incidents, which allows us to anticipate possible affected materials.


Packaging plays a very important role in the food sector. The container is in direct contact with the product, which is why the manufacturing conditions of these products must be clean to ensure that there is no contamination from external elements.

Our plants are certified following the regulation of the British Retail Consortium (BRC Packaging), focused on the food safety, legality and quality of packaging and packaged material.



Primary packaging materials are an important factor of risk in the pharmaceutical production process, since they are in direct contact with the product, which is why packaging should be considered a key raw material.

For the manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging materials, our plants have the quality certifications of the ISO 15378 standard, which consists of the ISO 9001 standard plus all the relevant GMP requirements, for the design, manufacture and supply of primary packaging materials for pharmaceutical products.



The aim in our production chain is continuous improvement, a methodology that eliminates all processes that do not add value to the production chain. This allows us to continue complying with the requirements, whether they are legislative or the client's, all always aimed at offering the best quality in service and product.


The environment is our main objective, improving all our products to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. It is therefore important to invest in new machinery to achieve greater energy efficiency in the processes.

In our fight for sustainability, we have achieved the silver medal in the ECOVADIS evaluation system, which places us among the top 15% of companies in the sector best qualified in terms of environmental, social and ethical performance.

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